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Benzylkonium Chloride 50%
$75 per Gallon
While supplies last!

Introducing Lincomycin HCL

As Kanamycin is being restricted more by the FDA, Fishman chemical has sourced a viable replacement. We are happy to introduce Lincomycin which is more commonly known in the fish community as Clyndamycin The  price for Lincomycin is $175 per kilo. Dosing is 15 grams per 1000 gallons daily, with water-changes in between doses. Treatment must be conducted for 7 10 days.


Dear Customers,
      Due to the discontinuation of our supplier for Oxytetracycline Dihydrate (Tan), we have stopped offering it. Any questions, please call the office.

Due to reports of Adverse reactions to our Trichlorfon product we have pulled the remainder of this lot from our inventory and are currently looking into these reports. If you have had any adverse reactions to our Trichlorfon please let us know immediately so we can better gather information on this problem.

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Fishman Chemical gets approval for new packaging

Fishman Chemical has had approval for new packaging for our products.  Your orders will come in a reflective bag which protects against UV and the inside liner is PET which does not react with any pharmaceutical. These bags also have the product in an air tight environment where this is not possible in a bottle. These bags are the newest thing in pharmaceutical packaging and the bags have a zip lock for easy closing and are heat sealed for security reasons.  We also have the capability of packing in HDPE bottles with HDPE caps as a special order. We recommend the pouches, newest packaging on the market because they are guaranteed not to react with any of our products.

Certificates of Analysis are available for all products that we carry.  Please let us know if you would like a copy of the C of A for the material(s) that you are ordering!

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